hurricane preparedness checklist
Do you live in the coastal regions of the United States? Those living in Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Louisiana and Mississippi face a constant threat of hurricanes. The month of June signals the onset of hurricanes in all the coastal areas of the country. During this time, Government agencies release guidelines on how to be prepared for the disaster. In such a situation, it is extremely necessary to remain vigilant and aware at any given time against any impending emergency. If you are also living along a coast, it would be wise on your part to create your hurricane preparedness checklist right away. Don't wait till the store shelves are empty. Being prepared now can make the difference in your family's survival. Hurricane Katrina has already taught people that hurricanes cannot be taken lightly.

hurricane preparedness checklist

There are websites on the Internet which offer complete information on the possible dangers of hurricanes and how to tackle them. You can check out these sites and prepare a handy survival kit for any potential trouble. You can also download the family disaster plan easily available on the web and take tips on ensuring the safety of your home. In case, you have a pet at home, do not forget to plan for its survival as well. All this information could be found in the hurricane preparedness checklist available on the web.

Business owners don't just have the responsibility of their family, they have to take care of their employees too. In case your business location is vulnerable to storm or flooding, you need to have a plan to secure your office. You must also secure your furniture and equipments by keeping them in a protected area. It is extremely necessary for you to protect all your work-related data. You also need to store emergency supplies at the office. You should also be able to operate with a limited amount of cash. Again, there may be no water supply or power supply for weeks. Hence, a business owner operating along the coastal line needs to be prepared with a hurricane preparedness checklist.

For a business owner, his employees are also a part of his assets. Brief all your employees with the guidelines and instructions well in advance. You must also make emergency arrangements for the employees as well as their families to spend a night or two if they have to. Do arrange for alternative ways of communication in case telephone lines are disrupted and mobile connectivity lost. You must always share your contingency plan in advance with your employees. Last, but not the least, review all your insurance coverage. The entire building, inventory, documents and everything else must be completely insured. This would help you in reducing your loss to quite an extent. So what are you waiting for? It is high time you got prepared for any disaster. Go online and search for the sites that offer tips and products which would complete your hurricane preparedness checklist.

hurricane preparedness checklist

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